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Mates in Construction WA

One of the many ways that ReddiFund makes a further contribution to the health and well-being of the employees in the construction industry is through Mates In Construction WA Limited.

WA has the third highest rate of suicide in the country for construction workers. Both employers and the union recognise it as a huge problem. The suicide rates are highest in men under 24 or over 55.

Mates in Construction is a ReddiFund sponsored service that provides construction workers with suicide awareness knowledge that help to reduce the rate of suicide within the construction industry. Mates in Construction trains selected workers to become Connectors who then learns the skills and awareness to enable them to pick up warning signs in work colleagues and offer an understanding ear and professional help.

The Mates in Construction suicide prevention programme started in Queensland where it has had great success.

Suicide prevention and counselling services contacts

For all construction workers, call 08 9463 6664 for details about the programme, and for additional details see Mates in Construction website.

Mates in Construction HELPLINE 1300 MIC 111

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